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    Any vision can be translated into success with the right knowledge and expertise from 1 Eleven Management Group.
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    1 Eleven Management Group can help you expand your reach with dynamic and energetic direct marketing campaigns.
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    1 ELEVEN

    If you meet your dreams, we will meet ours so let us accomplish our ambitions together.
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    A targeted in-person promotional campaign can help you get your product directly into your consumers’ hands.
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Who We Are

1Eleven Management Group specializes in promotional advertising methods, and consistently takes brands to the next level through this approach. We take our clients’ goals and objectives into consideration and produce customized campaigns to represent their brands. Our targeted approach ensures that each product or service that we represent is presented to the right audience, guaranteeing positive revenue results.


Unparalleled Brand Management Equals Growth

We represent some of the most influential and most respected brands in the country; so it’s no surprise that our clients look to us as partners and rely on us to create in-person promotions and interactive marketing campaigns that deliver. 1Eleven Management Group takes each goal of our clients and treats it as if it were our own. We work closely with our brands to develop unique direct advertising strategies and techniques that achieve their bottom lines.

The brands we represent have set the bar high, but we always exceed their expectations. Every marketing dollar spent with 1Eleven Management Group is returned to our clients at the maximum ROI possible. To achieve these results every time, we need to build our team of interactive marketing professionals and allow them to constantly flourish into leaders — which provides more growth opportunities for our clients too.

 Memorable Customer Experiences Boost Satisfaction

 The marketing campaigns produced by 1Eleven Management Group are designed exclusively for the consumer. We offer a customized approach that brick and mortar and e-commerce competitors can’t compete with by offering consumers a hands-on experience. This informed promotions approach guarantees customer satisfaction — something our clients love to see.

 Professional Development at 1Eleven Management Group

 We know that growth for our clients, customer satisfaction, and exceptional success at 1Eleven Management Group would never be possible without our brand management team. That is why we invest in our team’s professional development. Through our unique mentorship program, we support innovation and creativity from our marketing team.

Unparalleled Brand Management Equals Growth.

What We Offer

We have built a strong foundation of values here at 1Eleven Management Group. These values inspire our team and our client approach.



Brands Reach Further with 1Eleven Management Group

Every campaign is created so that it is unique to the brand and to the market. With precision planning and collaboration, our approach is innovative and adaptive to fit the changing market trends, allowing us to consistently hit the mark with great efficiency.




We provide a performance-based guarantee. That means your ROI will be evident in each month’s financial statement.


Customer Service

We go above and beyond the standard to create bespoke interactive marketing solutions for every client.



  • These are the foundation of our business. Every partnership is cultivated as a source of outstanding solutions.

Growth That is Built on Teamwork.

Our Team

We’re all about teamwork here at 1Eleven Management Group! We love to approach everything in a team-oriented manner. By doing so, we’ve created an environment where managers are responsible for driving our success.


Growth That is Built on Teamwork

1Eleven Management Group strives to create a team-oriented culture. By doing so, we’ve created an environment where all team leaders are responsible for driving our success. Promotions at our company are all about self-achievement — not seniority. Besides, we know that working together inspires creativity, innovation, and interactive marketing campaigns that drive results.

 Diversity Drives Success

Every team member is unique — in personality, accomplishments, and personal attributes — and we value that uniqueness. By harnessing the strengths of each team member, there’s no such thing as weaknesses. We’re also an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If you meet your dreams, we will meet ours!

Join the team

Are you interested in growing and evolving? Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Do you insist on loving your job? Do you want to change the world? If so, you might be a great addition to the 1Eleven Management Group team. If you are interested in one of our available positions, please apply below! WE WORK HARD. WE PLAY HARD.


Finding Your Career at One Eleven Management Group

Our increased client base has lead to steady growth and expansion of our team. We scout talented people with ambition and motivation to help grow our business. We have a strong commitment to team training and personal development that enables each team member to begin a career with us. We’re not about giving you a job here at 1Eleven Management Group– we are about giving you a career that allows you to expand your skillset in personal and professional growth.


Apply here

Sales Associate

Our sales team is in charge of all direct sales that occur on behalf of our clients.
Responsibilities include:
Direct product marketing and sales
Acquiring complex product knowledge with the ability to communicate this information in the appropriate forum
Participate in company meetings
Achieve aggressive performance goals regularly
Campaign development

Account Manager

The Account Manager is responsible for directly overseeing all employees on specific accounts that they are working.
Responsibilities include:
Create all territory assignments and distributions
Train less experienced team members on basic product knowledge
Engage in classroom style training
Strategize and execute all marketing and promotional techniques as requested by various clients
Develop new campaign strategies

Assistant Manager

Our Assistant Manager position is intended to offer training on the various functions of the management team. This role is meant to be brief, as all Assistant Managers are on an expedited schedule into management.
Responsibilities include:
Learning all aspects of hiring, including initial payroll set-up and background checks
Administrative tasks
Client acquisition
Develop motivational meetings
Conduct team member reviews and realign expectations
Gain knowledge on all business functions


Managers are in charge of overseeing offices in territories across the United States and globally. Each office is comprised of 20-25 team members.
Responsibilities include:
Introduce new strategies in the search for new talent
Motivate all team members to meet or exceed predetermined revenue goals
Guide the personal development of others through constructive feedback
Establish client expectations regarding any changes in campaign parameters
Various administrative tasks
Plan weekly conference calls dealing with all functions of the sales, customer service, and marketing programs
Payroll computation

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 (860) 757-3670

 2049 Silas Deane Highway Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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1Eleven Management Group wants to hear from you! Whether you want to discuss your new advertising ideas or find out what creative strategies we could offer your business, please get in touch with us. We look forward to getting to know you and how we can assist with your promotional initiatives.



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